SDL Trados Studio 2009 startup slow?


Does it take minutes to load Trados? In our case, it took up to 20 minutes to load Trados. Normally Trados should start in a few seconds.

We are using a floating license with a license server in our private network. I think all this does not apply if you have a local license on your PC.

If you have the same problem, check the following things first:

  • Switch off the firewalls on both the client and the license server.
  • If VM Ware is running parallel on the server, disable it.
  • Are you using switches on the network? Could cause problems. Try a direct connection.
  • The Flex License Server should run on Port 27000, make sure it does and make sure the  client connects to it on that port. Eg. 27000@<my_server>
  • Make sure you everything is from Trados 2009 and that you don’t have any other versions running.
  • The license server has to run on a fixed IP. This is core!

Got the hints from Grzegorz Gryc.

Now, in our case the problem was a bit complicated. Our license server was not running on a fixed IP, for some reason the DHCP server is handing out the IP addresses in some weird way (normally every PC gets the same address every time it connects). Anyway, we fixed that, but still it took ages for Trades to start up. At least we didn’t get the License Server Dialog anymore.

The 2nd problem was, that Trados was scanning all possible IP addresses that the license server ever had (even though now it was fixed).

To solve this do the following:

  1. Start the SDL License Manager (under the SDL Program group)
  2. Click on “License Locations”
  3. Remove all locations and make sure there is just one with the right fixed IP of the license server

That’s it! I hope your Trados is starting faster now!

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  • Just Me! am 8. April 2011 5:01 am Uhr

    Thanks for the tip about removing old license locations! That was very useful!

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