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We have multiple customers that are using Contao CMS (formerly TYPOlight). Unfortunately there is no good export/import tool to get the content in and out for translations. We have a plugin for Drupal and Typo3. WordPress is in development, Contao in the evaluation phase.

In the meantime what we often get are Microsoft Word files. This works perfectly for us, but is cumbersome for the client. We recommend to send us the raw HTML code. This way there is no copy&paste and modify necessary. All formats stay as the were.


Click on the HTML button in the Contao Editor Toolbar (as seen above). This will open the plain text HTML editor.


Just copy&paste this text into a normal text file and send it to us.


You will get it back in the exact same format and everything you have to do, is paste it back into this editor. Done.


If you need to translate multiple pages or your whole website, we can export all your pages automatically and reimport them again afterwards. This involves no manual work for you at all. Just contact us.

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