Social Media Kit Integration FAQ

Users of the Social Media Kit  can now directly order translations from Supertext as mentioned in our main Blogpost. This post is a little manual and FAQ.




First, make sure that the language settings are setup according to your needs. We often offer the choice between different types of the same language. E.g. with English, you can choose between UK, US and Ireland.


For this you have to go to “Einstellungen SMK” –> Dienste –> Supertext Übersetzungen –> Bearbeiten” and then to “Sprachen Einstellungen”.



You can send an an article into translation either directly from the article overview, by pressing on the plus sign.


Or inside an article with the “Sprache” menu bar on the right.


Afterwards you can choose which parts of your post you want to have translated and decide when you need it back. Adding a comment always helps us with the translation.



Once the post is translated, it will automatically appear in the Social Media Kit and you will get an email from us. In the meantime the post looks like this:



Technical functionality


The Blogwerk Plugin uses our REST API. My blog post should answer most of your questions.


Blogwerk FAQ

I had to change the original article, but already sent it into translation. Can I resend it?

Call us as quickly as possible +41 43 500 33 80 and we can stop and delete or order on our side. On your side you need to completely remove the still empty post (you also need to remove it from the recycle bin (Papierkorb). Then you should see the option to order it again.


I ordered an English translation and Supertext delivered it in UK English. But I need US English.

We do both UK and US English. You just have to adjust your settings as mentioned at the beginning of this post. If such an order is still in translation with us, just call us, we can change it.



Supertext FAQ

Can I group different articles into one Trados Project?



Can I use one source file for multiple languages in a Trados Project?



Can I resend a finished translation again?

Yes, as long as the post has not been published yet.


How can I see if the post has been published?

Log into the blog and go to the article. On the upper right corner is a menu called “Veröffentlichen”. There you see the status.


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