Export/Import HMTL with the Drupal Translation Management Tool (TMGMT)

You can export HTML and XLIFF directly from the Drupal Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) without installing any additional plugins. Of course we recommend that you actually use our plugin that connects you directly to our Supertex API and gives you a quote without any copy&paste hassles:


But if you sit behind a firewall you can also just export your content. We currently recommend HTML. The XLIFF export is not 100% implemented yet.


  1. Go to Node Sources
  2. Select all pages you want to export
  3. Click on Request translations


  1. Make sure “File translator” is selected
  2. Choose HTML
  3. Submit to translator


You can download the file now from the “here” link. If it opens directly inside the browser. Just do a “Save as” in the window.

That’s it for the export.

Once the file is translated, you can import it again fairly simple:


  1. Select Jobs
  2. Click “manage” on the job you just created.


And import the translated file again.



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