How to add a new user to your WordPress Supertext Plugin

This article assumes that you already have a working WordPress instance with the Supertext Plugin installed and configured.

First, you need a Supertext Account. You can create one here:

Wait for the confirmation email, click on the link and login. Go to your account settings page and scroll all the way down.

There you should see your API authentication token  (highlighted in yellow). Save this for later.


Now login to your WordPress instance. And go to Users.


There click on “Add new”. Fill out the form and press “Add New User” at the bottom.


With the user setup in WordPress, go to Settings and then Supertext.wordpress-supertext

Here, select the “User and languages” tab.wordpress-supertext_2

Select the user you just created in the dropdown menu. Add the email that you used to register the Supertext account. And copy&paste the API token from the Supertext account settings page into the last field.

Press “Add user” and you are ready to go.

We are happy to help with this process, just let your Supertext project manager know. We can setup your Supertext and WordPress account for you.

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