Getting push notifications from Supertext.UI (for example for InstantTranslation

It is the web app, which is running in the browser, that sends the notifications through the browser to the OS (Windows, Android, macOS…). You can only get notifications if the browser is open with a Supertext.UI page, which means any page under

For example:

Making sure notifications are being displayed

  • Supertext.UI page is open in the browser
  • The site ( must have the permission to show notifications. Check your browser settings whether this is the case. In Edge:

In Chrome:

Or go to Settings, Privacy and security, Site Settings, Notifications and allow notifications like this:

And for Firefox: ☰ > ⛭ Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Notifications > Settings

  • Notifications in Windows must be ON

in general

  • Focus assist in Windows must be off

OR it must be set to priority only and your browser must be in the priority list

To quickly try out if your notifications work, start on this page:

  1. Enable Notification

And if this does not work, we know we have a problem that has nothing to do with Supertext (A sign that this is not working, is that the checkbox is not moving to green).

What you should see is a notification in your browser asking you to enable notifications

Press “Allow” here.

Then use one of the example buttons and in a few seconds, you should see a notification popup.

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