TYPO3 Supertext Plugin

You will find the TYPO3 Supertext Localizer here. It works the same way like the general Localization Manager for TYPO3 but with the added benefit that you get to connect directly to the Supertext API. Hence your orders end up directly with Supertext.

Instructions are available here.

How to connect to the Supertext API

Go to “Settings” in your Localizer:

Go to the desired page and add the URL to the settings.

URL for the Supertext testing environment: https://staging.supertext.ch/api

URL for the Supertext live environment: https://www.supertext.ch/api

You will you need a valid Supertext customer account of the person who will order translations. You can create an account at Supertext if you don’t already have one. Get the API key from the settings page: Account Settings (scroll down to “API authentication tokens”)

The translation Server Username is the email address of your Supertext Account. The Translation Server API token is the one you generated in your user account.

When you save your settings, pay close attention to this box at the top of the page. If all goes ok, it stays like this:

If something goes wrong, however, the box under Disabled will be ticked and something went wrong with the connection. In that case, please try to add your API token again (maybe you copied with a whitespace or something like that). If the problem persists, contact info@supertext.ch

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