From accepting to finishing – one tool to do it all

We introduced an online editor which enables translators to do their work in the browser. This comes in handy when you don’t have any CAT software installed on your computer. You don’t need to download any files and can basically work from any device that has a modern browser installed on it.


Basic usage

  1. You’ll be emailed job offers as before. You’ll then click on the link to open the job page, review it, and hopefully click ‘Accept job’.
  2. Once you’ve accepted the job, you’ll receive a notice that the job should be done using the online editor.
  3. Next, click on ‘Open online editor’
  4. The editor will then be prepared…

    … and loaded

    Notice: this might take a while!
  5. Once the editor is open, you can start translating by double clicking on the first segment.
  6. After you entered the translation either click on the   button or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ENTER to save the segment and move to the next one

  7. Repeat Step 6. until you have translated each segment
  8. When you’re done with the translation, click on the ‘Finish job’ button on the right. If you can’t see it, click on the arrow to open the right panel. It looks like this:
  9. Done!


Good to know

To confirm a segment and jump to the next one, you go with shortcuts or add your favorites to the tool bar by setting the checkmarks here:

All icons in the toolbar do have tooltips explaining what they are for. In the settings, you can display the character count of each segment, change the language of the editor (DE or EN) and define the settings for handling repetitions.

Terms from the termbase are underlined in blue and the TB entry is displayed in the panel on the right, if available.

Additional documentation

Full English documentation

Keyboard shortcuts

Search and replace

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