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Welcome guys and girls to the Supertext System Blog!

The point of this blog is to write about some interesting things that we faced while building up the Supertext IT system. This will range from little “How To’s” on ASP.NET to hints about MySQL or how to setup a dedicated Server. It’s all easy in the beginning, but if you’re suddenly running a site that needs 99.999% availability everything changes a bit.

Even though my background mainly programming, I’m suddenly the Sys Admin, DB Admin, Architect, Programmer and Chef tester. It’s kinda cool (sure boosts my resume, but my plan is to retire in about 5 years with the Supertext millions anyway, so that does not count anymore), but the nights are getting a bit short. And did I mention I live in New York? In a penthouse appartment, yeah baby! Sorry, had to throw that in (and I’m not telling here that I share the place with 2 other dudes…). So, what I wanted to say is, NYC does not exactly help either here…

But be patient, I’m sure I will produce some cool features for Supertext and gather quite some knowledge along the way that I wanna share here.

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