The FTP client Visual Studio 2005 never came with

I’ve been using Dispatch for ASP.NET for about 3 months. This is also why I write this post now. My evaluation license run out and while I was already on the way to buy the full license, I saw that I could get a free license if I write a blog about it. Was thinking of doing this anyway, so here it goes… But just as a disclaimer, I might get paid for this post 🙂
Short description copied from the website:
Dispatch is a deploy utility built exclusively for ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. With Dispatch, you can quickly and easily upload your web application to your FTP server without ever leaving Visual Studio. Dispatch sports multiple features to help keep your local web projects and web application in sync. Simple is good.
My personal impression is very good, I’ve been using it almost daily and it works pretty well. I had some troubles with the old ftp code, but that seems to be fixed in the new release. I’m still having some network issues if I use the tool at home, but my configuration is also a bit messed up there.
You can read about all the detailed features on the webpage:
Here are the features I would wish for:

  • Integration with some Source Control System, preferably Subversion.
  • Integration with NUnit, or just simple pre- and post tasks after an upload

More to come…

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2 Kommentare zu “The FTP client Visual Studio 2005 never came with”

  • First Rooms am 22. March 2010 4:10 am Uhr

    Completely agree with your comments on this – thanks for taking the time to post.

  • Stockport am 22. March 2010 4:11 am Uhr

    Added to my favourites list and added to my blogroll.

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