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It was about time for some Blog-Maintenance again. I installed the “Do Follow” Plugin that was recommended by Sam in a comment to one of my earlier posts.

It basically removes the “nofollow” attribute in all WordPress comments, which might help spread some news. On the other hand, I heard that most seach engines are not looking for this attribute anyway, but who knows?

Then, I finally got a Feedburner Feed setup. Now I can WATCH you…

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7 Kommentare zu “Do Follow”

  • Sam am 22. July 2007 5:59 pm Uhr

    As long as Google minds it’s a must… thanks for the help 🙂

    Greetings from Rapperswil

  • Bastian am 6. August 2007 12:42 am Uhr

    A few days ago I read that Google has counted links with nofollow, but they had not the same weight as other links.

  • Remy Blaettler am 6. August 2007 3:52 am Uhr

    I guess it does not hurt to remove them in any case.

  • Starnbergersee am 22. August 2007 4:46 pm Uhr

    Nice job! Thx 🙂

  • Stefan am 17. September 2007 8:43 am Uhr

    Irgendwann wird das mit dem nofollow auch wieder verschwinden. gegen blogspam gibt ja gengend andere Methoden.

  • Bree DoFollow am 3. October 2007 9:49 pm Uhr

    I do-follow links now on my Aussie housewife blog. After a long time procrastinating I have seen the importance of dofollow and using the “do follow” principal to help keep the Internet better connected. – Take a look at my dofollow blog and feel free to comment. Thank you, Regards Bree.

  • see am 24. February 2008 5:28 pm Uhr

    “No follow” links do not count in search engines for the ranking of the linked page. Thats the only reason. But your decission to use do follow is good, because bloogers shouldnt do the job of searchengines.

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