DotNetKicks Plugin for WordPress and Live Writer

This is exactly what I was waiting for. A plugin into Windows Live Writer that creates a DotNetKicks Button. Lucky for me it works together with WordPress.

It was developed by Aaron Lerch.

A little review:

Installation was a breeze, no issues with WordPress or with Live Writer (I’m using the 2008 Final Version on Vista). Adding the Button is a easy too. In fact, I used it for this post.

Since I was already working on this topic, if figured I give the Digg This plugin a try too.

Installation was no issue either. Unfortunately, neither the title, the text or the topic did get submitted to Digg. And the appearance was not set to Compact either. The problem is WordPress:

<script type="text/javascript"> <!-- digg_url = \'\'; digg_title = \'DotNetKicks Plugin for WordPress\'; digg_bodytext = \'This is cool.\'; digg_topic = \'programming\'; digg_skin = \'compact\'; //--></script>

As one can see, WordPress adds the “\” to the Javascript code, which might not exactly help. But what does help, is if you use Text Control and set the “Format this post with: No Formatting” option.

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9 Kommentare zu “DotNetKicks Plugin for WordPress and Live Writer”

  • Damien Guard am 27. November 2007 8:24 pm Uhr

    You would be much better off using a WordPress plug-in to achieve this rather than dropping script into each post.

    The advantage would be that if you needed to change it, post outside of Live Writer or add additional kick/submit engines you could do it once in a single place… I personally use Gregarious.


  • Remy Blaettler am 28. November 2007 10:20 am Uhr

    Damien, thanks for the suggestion, Gregarious looks pretty sweet. The only thing is, that I write like 90% of my posts in WordPress. With the above plugin I can do everything from one tool (without having a Digg button on all my posts).

  • Carl J am 28. November 2007 1:31 pm Uhr

    This is something that I’ve also been looking for.

    Currently for my wordpress blog, I’ve just added the “kick it” code to the “AddThis” wordpress plugin. Only problem with this, is that all posts that are not dotnetkicks worthy will also have “Kick It”.

  • Fabian am 28. November 2007 3:13 pm Uhr

    Thanks for your hint pal

  • Remy Blaettler am 28. November 2007 3:13 pm Uhr

    Seems like there are actually a nice bunch of good solutions out there, just nothing that really covers all the cases.
    And thanks for the tip, didn’t know that you can add your own code to the AddThis plugin.

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  • DevTopics am 12. December 2007 11:55 am Uhr

    Terrific work, but this would be much easier if DotNetKicks solved this problem themselves like Digg does with a callable JavaScript program, so we could place the generic DotNetKicks button in our blog template and be done with it.

    With Digg, one just needs to add this code to the blog template, and voila, every blog post has a Digg button:

    digg_topic = ‘programming’;

  • Remy Blaettler am 12. December 2007 6:48 pm Uhr

    Yep, maybe should send this suggestion to the DotNetKicks guys. It’s open source, so maybe someone just does it?

  • web tasarımı am 12. November 2009 6:57 am Uhr

    Terrific work, but this would be much easier if DotNetKicks solved this problem themselves

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