The perfect multilingual plugin for WordPress?

As I already stated in my blogpost about “Multilingual Content Management Systems” (in German) I’m not a big fan of using WordPress for multilingual sites. I think there are better options out there.

Nevertheless, it is possible, with the aid of various plugins available.

One of the most popular is WPML. While I haven’t used it much personally, I’ve heard many people complain about it. All I know is that the XLIFF export from WPML is close to useless.

I started a discussion on this topic a while ago on stack exchange:

Another plugin that always comes up is qTranslate. Although this plugin seems to work well, it stores all translations into the same database field as the original post. I don’t think this is a technically good solution; it means that if you remove the plugin, you will see every post in all languages. For me, that is not an acceptable solution.

Personally I think Multilingual Press is the most promising and clean solution currently on the market. But it requires a Multisite setup, which is not for everybody.

Of course Blogwerk has a very nice multilingual solution, but the extension is not freely available to download.


What’s the perfect multilingual WP plugin?


  • Pages in different languages linked together (on the public page and in the admin interface)
  • Automatic fallback available if translation is missing
  • Real XLIFF or HTML export/import for posts and pages (individual and bundled)
  • Workflow approval
  • Translates site features (e.g. “Leave a reply”, “Submit comment”, etc) AND the blogpost content


  • Does not affect the DB structure
  • Individual languages in individual posts
  • Localized URL: e.g.
  • API to integrate external translation providers
  • Clean and simple implementation
  • Does not require a Multisite installation

Let’s hope the perfect plugin is being developed soon. Or have I missed it so far?

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