Translating Excel files with embedded HTML content in SDL Trados Studio

Before you read this post, take a look at Paul Filkin’s excellent post on this topic:

Trados’ default “Catch all” regex worked fine for us until now. But when an excel cells contains more complex HTML code, Trados will unfortunately start to look like this:


This is no fun to work with. So I had to come up with something a bit more detailed and specify all HTML tags manually. Paul  used the tag names <p> and </p> in his example, but this falls short when the tags contain class names or styles like so:

<p class="ms-rtePosition-1" style="margin:0px 10px 0px 0px;" />

In this case, you need a regular expression that’s a bit more complex:

Start tag: <p(>|\s+[^>]*>)  
End tag: </p>

This will catch things as shown in the example above. The regular expression is an OR statement, so it’s either a tag like <p>, or it’s <p> with an empty space after and text. So things like <pre> will not fall into this regex.

I’ve added all the HTML tags that I need for the project  and uploaded the settings file here.


That should save you from going through the same process and setting up everything manually – simply download and import the settings by going  to Project Settings -> File Settings in SDL Trados Studio.


If you’d like to build the settings yourself , or you’re simply interested in the HTML tags I’ve already built, here is a screenshot:


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2 Kommentare zu “Translating Excel files with embedded HTML content in SDL Trados Studio”

  • Mario am 9. February 2018 12:55 pm Uhr

    Hello Rémy,
    I tried Pauls and your approach, and nothing seems to work.
    I am really clueless to the reasons this is not working, so your help would be much appreciated. Any chance to take a look at my file?

  • Rémy Blättler am 10. April 2018 4:38 am Uhr

    Sorry, saw this a little late. Sure, send me the file at remy AT supertext DOT ch

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