Order multiple posts together with the Supertext Polylang plugin

Since Version 2.0 of your WordPress plugin Supertext Translation for Polylang you can order multiple posts at once.


It’s implemented with into the default Bulk Action feature on Posts and Pages . Just select all posts or pages you want to translate like in the picture above.


Then choose “Order translation” in the Bulk Action menu on the top left. Press “Apply” to execute this action.


A popup will open where you can review all pages or posts you selected. You have to select the target language at the bottom. Click next when done.


Select your service level and delivery time on the next page. Press “Order translation” to execute the order. You will get the order confirmation on the next page. Along with the usual email.

If you have lots and lots of posts that which are not displayed on the list anymore (you need the paging feature at the bottom), there is unfortunately no perfect solution (checkbox state is not saved if you use paging).

But you can change the Number of items per page setting, so that the chances that all your posts are on the same page get a bit bigger.


Now, sit back, relax and let us do the translation work for you 🙂

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