Send your WordPress translation review changes back to Supertext

Our WordPress plugin offers a feature that enables you to send changes you made in a translation back to us. This feature is enabled in the Supertext settings under Settings->Supertext->Workflow and API.

Check Synchronize translation changes and click on Save settings to enable it.

How it works

Once this feature is enabled, our plugin checks if the translation has been altered since last time it was written back from our system. If you order the source post of a translation again, the plugin will send changes automatically back to us.

You also have the possibility to send us the changes manually by opening the translation in the editor and clicking on Send changes to Supertext in the Supertext Translations box. The button is disabled if there are no changes to send.


Why would you need that?

This feature comes in handy if the client changes the Supertext translation inside WordPress. This way those changes can be synchronized back to Supertext and will be taken into account for the next translation.

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