Export/Import .JSON from CMS Contentful for translation tasks

ATTENTION: This only works, if you don’t change anything in Contentful during the translation process. Your changes might get overwritten.

The best way to translate your Contentful CMS is to export the whole content with a .JSON file. Supertext (and any other respectable translation agency) can work with that format, get your content translated for you to import it back. That’s easier than copy/paste. Nevertheless we highly recommend that you get in touch with us beforehand so that we can test whether it all works as smoothly as we assume.

Our recommendations is based on:



C:\contentful space export –space-id blrhfj4oim31

You get the space ID from the URL

Exported file (that you will send to us):.


C:\contentful space import –space-id blrhfj4oim31 –content-file “C:\contentful-export-blrhfj4oim31-master-2021-01-12T10-49-36.json” and import it back to here:

That’s all folks. Time to admire our new translations on your homepage.

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