How to setup WPML for the Supertext WordPress translation plugin

Basic WPML setup

WPML must be installed and configured correctly before using the Supertext WordPress translation plugin. Please refer to the official WPML documentation for this. See Getting Started Guide – WPML. We strongly recommended to test the setup (language setup and switching, adding translation posts, etc…) before using the Supertext plugin.

Settings for WPML translation management

WPML provides translation management features. It includes a translation editor which can be used to manage the translations. The Supertext plugin doesn’t make use of this feature as translation management is taken care of by Supertext. It is therefore important to disable the translation editor for posts that should be translated using the Supertext plugin:

WPML’s translation editor should be off for translations managed by Supertext

Using both translation management (WPML and Supertext) will lead to inconsistent translation states , translations being overridden with the wrong texts, etc…

Custom Fields Translation

It is important to go through WPML’s Custom Fields Translation settings. See Translating Custom Fields – WPML.

This setting tells WPML how to deal with custom fields. The fields can contain translatable text in which case they should be translated. They can contain meta data about the structure of the page in which case they should be copied over.

  • Don’t translate – the field is not available for translation.
  • Copy – the value of the field is copied from the original language and kept in synchronization with it.
  • Copy once – the value of the field is copied from the original language but it can be changed later. After the first copy, it will not be kept in synchronization with the original language.
  • Translate  – allows you to translate the field values.

If this is not setup correctly, the translations might not look like the original/source post or are completely broken.

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