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i18n stands for internationalization.

i + 18 letters + n

Take the first letter, count up to the second last and then the last one.

Internationalization describes the process of planning and developing a product (normally software) that can be adapted into different cultures and languages without changing the core architecture of it afterwards.



This is localization. Works the same way as #i18n.

Localization is the actual work that needs to be done to make the product support multiple cultures and languages. For example translating a  user interface.



Again, same principle, but this means translation.



The last one of this group. Short for globalization.

Globalization describes the whole life cycle of a global product. This starts with the design and development until marketing and adaption into different markets.



Stands for translate.

x = trans

l = l

8 = ate



Similar to #xl8, just instead of translate, it means translator.

x = trans

l = l

8 = ate

r = r

Alternative you could use #t8r, but #xl8r is much wider used. At least according to a google search:

“#xl8r” translation ->About 1,010,000 results

“#t8r” translation -> About 42,400 results


Instead of the short versions, people also use the normal words, but since you have only 140 chars at your disposal, they are not very common:





I’ve already made a similar post about this topic a while ago:


And Jennifer McNulty wrote another nice explanation here:


You have questions about other tags? Check out #tagdef.

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